NoneIf you wish to remain on the same leased plot, be sure to check with the rental office to determine the fees and regulations as well as whether any increases in fees is expected. Then take a look at the neighborhood in general. While used mobile homes claim to be mobile, your neighborhood is your neighborhood. See whether the businesses, church and schools that your will need are located conveniently. Make sure that you feel safe. If you are looking at used mobile homes situated on land owned by the home’s owner, take into consideration the local zoning and codes. If you are thinking about replacing the home or adding on to it, make sure that it will not be a problem. Acquiring land with used mobile homes is a good investment. “As a prospective buyer, it’s wise to take time to check with building officials or the local planning department to ask about up-to-date zoning laws, restrictions, water, utilities and sewerage hookups.â€ Check any used mobile homes to make sure that everything is in working order. Check for leaks around the water heater and see that all doors and windows open easily. Make sure that appliances operate. Inspect the tie-downs or anchoring devices. Make sure that the roof is sound. If you are looking at used mobile homes with an eye to moving one to your own land, you will need to check out the local laws governing the type of homes that can be transported on the highways and roads. Ensure that the spot you have chosen is appropriate. “Accurate ground elevation is crucial for setting a manufactured home.â€ With some education, shopping for used mobile homes can have a happy ending. NoneNone