Ratings Descriptions


Websites in the database are included, and their ratings are assigned, entirely at the discretion of the author. However, every effort is made to provide a consistent method of categorizing websites and their content.

For ease of discussion, all providers of websites in this database (agencies, associations, projects, institutions, centers, shelters, etc.) will be referred to as “organizations.”

Ratings of Excellent, Recommended, or Informative are used for describing each website in the HomeSight database. The definition and use of ratings follow.

This rating is used when a website provides ample information about some aspect of housing in a clear, uncomplicated, appealing manner in which the user is easily directed to information, resources, projects and programs. Websites providing information about a wide variety of housing issues useful to a vast array of users are given this rating.
This rating is given when a website provides some information about a housing topic, but either may not be easy to navigate, or may be slightly limited in its scope of users or issues.
This rating is most frequently given to websites providing vague information about an individual housing issue; one displaying complicated or confusing graphics or layouts; one not aimed specifically and solely at housing concerns; or one including information about a useful organization but not its programs, projects, or services.