NoneUsed manufactured homes actually offer a lot of the same benefits that you would find in new manufactured homes.  Aside from the inability to pick and choose your own specific outdoor and indoor floor plan and design, used manufactured homes can list a lot of the same advantages as ones that are brand new, and this can actually save home owners a great deal of money if they consider buying used rather than new.  The cost of used homes is considerably less at times than that of putting up new homes, plus you do not need to worry about finding the appropriate amount of land and land space available on which to construct your new home.  All of this comes with the package of a used home.  You are able to save both time and money as a homeowner in this instance.  But the benefits do not end there, because manufactured homes have a lot to offer, new or used.  One of the greatest things about used manufactured homes is that a lot of times, they still have warranties left on them, or warranties that can be extended.  This helps fill homeowners with a deep sense of peace and relaxation when it comes to their home.  Because of the strict standards to which manufactured homes are built, their materials are reliable and durable not only as a matter of principle, but as a general rule.  These homes cannot leave the factory until they meet the standards set by the federal government, and many companies even surpass these standards as a general practice.  You can rest assured that your home will last you through the test of time.Whether you are looking for a specifically used home and find manufactured homes to be the best option for you, or because of finances you are forced to consider other options, used manufactured homes may just be the best decision you can make!NoneNone