Cardiff YMCA Housing Association Association’s site describes their effort to tackle the homelessness problem in Cardiff through the provision of good quality temporary accommodations. Hostel regulations, provisions, and contact information is provided.Rating: InformativeLocation: Cardiff, Wales, UKRelated pages:UK, UK, Wales, State / Regional / Local, Non-Profit Organization, Shelter / Homeless, TransitionalEnvironment Agency of England and Wales searchable site “provides comprehensive information and advice on the protection and management of the environment” and contains detailed state of the environment information, resources, publications, press releases, current programs and projects, and other pertinent resources.Rating: InformativeLocation: Bristol, England, Wales, UKRelated pages:UK, UK, England, UK, Wales, National, Index / Periodical, Legal / Policy, Environmental / SustainableFerret Information Systems, Ltd. site claims to be home of “Britain’s largest supplier of advisory systems in the field of welfare benefits and related law.” While I cannot attest to the validity of that statement, the site does contain a wealth of information about housing and welfare issues, a calendar of events and conferences, programs for sale to help in calculating price, benefit and payment schedules, and includes links to a variety of United Kingdom law sites.Rating: InformativeLocation: Cardiff, Wales, UKRelated pages:UK, UK, Wales, National, Private Business, Index / Periodical, Fair housing, Legal / Policy