Centre for Housing Research and Urban Studies — University of Glasgowhttp://www.gla.ac.uk/Inter/CHRUS/This site provides information about the Centre’s programs and studies, ongoing research, related information, and links to similar housing research institutes. Their main study focus lies in housing finance and economics, housing and urban society, and urban change and policy.Rating: InformativeLocation: Glasgow, Scotland, UKRelated pages: UK, UK, Scotland, National, University Program, Affordable / Assisted, Fair housing, Legal / Policy Comhairle: The Scottish Centre for European Policy Sector Studies — University of Paisleyhttp://www.paisley.ac.uk/research/co-This site has copies of all Scottish public sector annual reports and accounts from 1994 to date, and a comprehensive range of journals and magazines in the library. Also discussed are ongoing research projects in areas including housing; education; local economic development; nursing; health economics, management and policy; defense; human resource management in the public sector; financial reporting in the public sector; and organization and administration in the public sector.Rating: InformativeLocation: Paisley, Scotland, UKRelated pages: UK, UK, Scotland, National, Non-Profit Organization, University Program, Fair housing, Legal / Policy, Special Interest / Minority 


Community Self-Build — Scotlandhttp://wkweb1.cableinet.co.uk/csbs/This site promotes CSBS’ desire to deliver more housing through the mechanism of community self-build–constructing or redeveloping their own housing with the aid of knowledgeable volunteers. Other information includes how to secure financing for a project, how to develop a project, news, and links to related sites.Rating: RecommendedLocation: Edinburgh, Scotland, UKRelated pages: UK, UK, Scotland, National, Non-Profit Organization, Affordable / Assisted, Construction / Product, Design / Architectural, Neighborhood / Community Ferguslie Park Partnershiphttp://www.ccis.org.uk/fp/This site provides information about this Scottish cooperative housing development which allows residents to take “greater responsibility for their own affairs, take a full part in the economic life of Paisley, Renfrew and Glasgow and to live in decent housing in a pleasant environment.” Heavily relying on community activism, shared resources, and combined economic resources, this development incorporates methods of cohousing and healthy neighborhood planning in one development. Information is provided about education, poverty, homelessness, community issues, and related topics as discussed by the Ferguslie Park Partnership.Rating: RecommendedLocation: Paisley, Scotland, UKRelated pages: UK, UK, Scotland, State / Regional / Local, Non-Profit Organization, Environmental / Sustainable, Neighborhood / Community, Cohousing / Cooperative Scottish Homes — Housing Information in Scotlandhttp://www.scot-homes.gov.uk/Although this site is somewhat slow to load, it is worth the wait. Striving to tackle Scotland’s housing problems, this page includes details of their housing management, regional associations, strategies, financial responsibilities, publications, news and contact information. Information about their research on homelessness, rural housing, minorities, and community issues is also included.Rating: RecommendedLocation: Glasgow, Scotland, UKRelated pages: UK, UK, Scotland, National, Non-Profit Organization, Affordable / Assisted, Special Interest / Minority, Neighborhood / Community, Shelter / Homeless