NoneThis increase in quality and safety is due to several reasons, one of which being that triple wide manufactured homes are now subject to meeting federal safety standards just like site built homes.  NFPA 501 is one of the many federal safety documents that address past safety concerns of manufactured home construction.  This document details fire safety features, ventilation, and other construction details that improve the safety and durability of manufactured homes.  For example NFPA 501 now describes what flammability limits insulating materials need to meet in order to be used in a manufactured home.Triple wide manufactured homes have also been improved by companies that design triple wide manufactured homes.  In order to meet the growing needs of their clientele higher end construction materials and specs are now used to create a top quality home.  As a result people who want to buy a triple wide manufactured home can now choose high end cabinets, flooring, siding, and roofing materials.  They also have the option to alter existing floor plans, add additional safety features, and to have their home placed on a permanent foundation.  Triple wide manufactured homes are by design a high end product.  They include safety and construction features that make them durable enough to withstand transportation from the manufacturer to the building site, as well as features that meet federal and local building codes, and building standards that meet the construction quality and specifications of the home’s owner.  With all of these considerations it is no wonder why triple wide manufactured homes are now safer than ever.NoneNone