NoneEspecially at a company that has a truck yard in which to keep all of their large vehicles that are used for work, the trailer office is a very convenient solution to their problem of how to stay organized.  Even though workers are off and away from the site, it can still help to have a clerk or administrative assistant working from a set location so as to keep paper work about jobs in order and to keep track of incoming work orders.  Because of this, they would need somewhere to be set up and would need enough space for office supplies to keep the administrator happy and organized.  A trailer office is a unique and perfect solution because it can go right in the yard that the company already has purchased in this scenario, but really the trailer office could go anywhere there is legal and available space.  This can save the business owners a lot of money as an alternative to purchasing an office building, which still fulfilling all of the functions that they need it to provide.  These special and monetary benefits are very important when considering your potential office options.When you need an office, and it can range from small to large, but you don’t want to buy a stabilized building, it is important to know that there are options available to you.  The trailer office is a great space efficient, cost effective way to do just this.NoneNone