NoneWhatever it is about the allure and charm of a rustic timber cabin, many people seek it. A timber cabin, whether constructed from freshly hewn logs or restored out of ancient ones, lends its own air of natural beauty to a structure. Watching a timber cabin erected is like playing with Lincoln Logs as an adult. A timber cabin is the perfect woodland retreat and they can be designed as a rustic get away or with all the modern conveniences of a traditional home. Timber cabins can also be prefabricated or custom built right on your lot. You might choose a timber cabin constructed entirely from logs or only partially, with the gable ends and roofing made from pressure treated lumber, wood siding and shingles. The type of timber cabin you choose should be based largely on the intended use and frequency of use. A modern timber cabin should be constructed to be energy efficient, especially if you intend to live in it for long periods of time. On the other hand, if you are only building a vacation home, you can take more liberties to maintain the true rustic feel of the cabin. Many modern log timber cabins have very modern amenities. Your timber cabin is limited only by your budget and personal desire. If you prefer to maintain the rustic feel, you might forgo electricity and plumbing all together. Of course, remember that you can add utilities to a timber cabin without disrupting the overall look and feel. Imagine your dream of a log timber cabin being within your reach. There are many extreme rural areas where progress and development are delayed and the perfect lot may be awaiting your timber cabin. You can generally check with a dealer who sells prefabricated homes to discover details such as pricing, design, and availability, or you can consult with a dealer or contractor who specializes in log cabins. You owe it to yourself to compare services and quality before you purchase your dream retreat. You may be surprised to learn that a timber cabin is not only within your reach financially, some models are available that can be constructed in a short amount of time on your secured lot. Timber cabins aren’t for everyone, but for the right person they can fuel the spirit of the great outdoors and provide a genuine feeling of home like no other structure can. Small or large, you can start building your dream today.NoneNone