NoneWhen the need arises, there are several questions to ask to determine the temporary office that will meet your needs. First find out how much land you will have at your disposal. Having a temporary office delivered only to discover that it blocks a driveway is a costly error. How will it be used? It’s one thing if only desks and phones are needed but it’s another if a conference room is to be used. You should know how many people will be using it. “A very rough rule of thumb is that for general office applications, you need 100 to 150 sq ft per person.Once you know the answer to these questions, you are ready to choose a size for your temporary office. Be sure that when your dealer quotes a size, he is quoting the floor size. A temporary office can be measured by its external size which includes the tongue that connects to the tow hitch. It’s important to know that size when determining how much land is available. A temporary office for lease has probably gone through many “owners.â€ “Because their use is almost always temporary, it’s best to emphasize features and price when choosing a mobile office, as opposed to appearance or durability.â€ If the physical appearance is an important element, then hold out for a fairly new one. In most cases, however, the important thing is its features. Every temporary office should be expected to come wired with electricity at the least. Determine what other needs you will have. You may be able to get fluorescent lights and telephone wiring. A new model may be ready for computers. If you will be welcoming customers in your temporary office, you will need to have ramps and an interior configuration allowing a wheelchair to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Knowing your needs will help you find your best temporary office.NoneNone