European Network for Housing Research site provides information about the Network’s goals to enhance the quality and relevance of European housing. Unfortunately, there are no projects or program descriptions included.Rating: InformativeLocation: Gavle, SwedenRelated pages:Sweden, Multi-National, Index / Periodical, University Program, Fair housing, Legal / Policy, Environmental / Sustainable, Neighborhood / CommunityScandinavian Housing and Planning Research of the Scandinavian Press, this site details publications available about the physical, economic, social and political aspects of housing and planning, ranging in focus from the local and urban to the regional and national level. This site only contains information about the journal and how to receive it, not information contained within the journal. Available in English or Norwegian.Rating: InformativeLocation: Gavle, SwedenRelated pages:Sweden, Multi-National, Index / Periodical, Fair housing, Legal / Policy, Design / Architectural, Environmental / Sustainable, Neighborhood / Community