NoneThe first thing that you will want to educate yourself on when buying Solitaire mobile homes is how Solitaire mobile homes are constructed.  In every Solitaire home you will find the same standard features including: an insulated exterior rear door, hand painted moldings and trim, three speed energy efficient 52 inch fan in the living room, ceiling lights in all rooms, all ceilings are wired and braced for ceiling fans, the kitchen lights are fluorescent, corner fireplace with an electric blower, Solitaire manufactured fiberglass tubs and showers, GFCI circuits in bathrooms, all bathrooms have at least one exhaust fan installed, ceramic bath splashes, finished closets, 18 oz, carpets, custom draperies, and mini blinds.  In addition to all of these standard features you also can select colors and styles of interior décor, as well as select from a wide variety of extras.After you have selected one of the many Solitaire mobile homes for your site, your next job will be to prepare your site for the easiest set up of your home.  To do this you will need to address several issues.  First you will want to make sure that your building site has adequate accessibility.  This means that you will want to remove landscaping obstacles that could inhibit the mover’s ability to position your home on your site.  You will also want to make sure that you have talked to your neighbors, community planning board, and city to get extra help clearing the road when your home is being delivered and set up.  Before your home is delivered you will also need to ensure that all of your utilities have been prepped.  This means that the utilities will have been flagged and marked, and that your sewer and water systems will have already been installed, and ready for connection.  It is also highly recommended that you have a permanent foundation professional installed on your site for your Solitaire mobile homes model.  Other prep work that you will need to accomplish before your home is delivered includes land surfacing and permit acquisition.