NoneOn-site building can be quite expensive, and few people realize the details involved which can add on the dollars. Weather is a huge impediment to the conventional building process, and no one can predict exactly when inclement weather will happen and how long it will last. Weather forecasts are just estimates, and are often wrong. Major storms, blizzards and heat waves are the biggest threats traditional builders face, and delays cost precious time and money. This problem is avoided with small modular homes which are built in sheltered construction sites. Each section of the home is build in these areas and are then transported and laid onto a shell on the site of the house. Since these sections are not exposed to the wind, rain, snow or hot sun, there is less likelihood of damage and there are no delays. Therefore, companies which make small modular homes can produce many houses in a short amount of time. This brings down the price, and the cost-efficiency is passed on to the consumer. Theft is another problem avoided in the building of small modular homes. Construction sites are enclosed, locked and secured. Efficient alarm systems are installed to ward off potential intruders. When homes are built outdoors, it is not possible to put the sections of the building under lock and key. Therefore, traditional homes are vulnerable to theft and vandalism. Replacement parts are expensive, particularly because there is much time, energy and cost expended in producing or obtaining replacement parts. With small modular homes, this problem is avoided. Also, when builders have to construct a home on site, they have to rely on whatever materials are available. They may purchase goods from a local store that may charge high prices. Small modular homes are constructed where the builder is accustomed to working, and the cost of materials will stay low. The quality of small modular homes is the same as that of traditional homes for a much lower price. Some people pay cash for their small modular homes because prices are low, but others pay a modest mortgage obtained through the bank. Small modular homes can be built in nearly any style, from modern to cottage to ranch, or any other style one can imagine. Small modular homes are excellent investments and appreciate with value over time. Small modular homes are the best choice for those who insist on quality but also want to save money.NoneNone