NoneTheir diverse manufacturing background made them ideally suited to enter the modular home market, drawing on years of experience and the combined years of engineering development to make the transition with ease. Their foray into the modular home business has been a success due, in part, to their reputation in the manufactured housing market.Building homes in a factory controlled environment has many advantages over sit built homes, not least among them is the fact that there are no weather delays. Materials are maintained under the roof and never exposed to the elements removing the possibility of weather damage before the materials are ever picked up and used.Precision cutting equipment is utilized to build all Skyline modular homes, just as in the manufactured home division, and frequent inspections throughout the entire building process insures that expected quality expectations are met with every product coming off the production line. Efficient, consistent fastening systems also ensure unparalleled quality in every fit in the home.Finding the right floor plan to fit your family’s needs should be a breeze at Skyline modular homes, but if you cannot find the exact one you want, existing designs can be modified for a custom designed home to fill the bill. Various floor plans and home sizes make Skyline a first stop on many potential homebuyer’s shopping list and their convenient locations covering all of the United States makes them more readily accessible.Skyline modular homes has listened to the feedback from its customers, learning what they want in their home and have adapted to meet those desires. From cathedral ceilings to bay and bow windows, they have added the extras that customers are clamoring to have built into their homes.All of Skyline’s manufactured housing are built to codes of the Department of Housing and Urban Development while the modular homes conform to state-specific codes in regards to utility placement and installation and will meet all local codes of the location at which the modular home will be installed.Modular homes, due to construction in a closed environment, have no cost overruns and environmental concerns during construction, making them more efficient to build without delays and are therefore more expense conscious. The company passes these built in savings on to the customer making a Skyline modular home cheaper to own than a site-built house. Additionally, the homeowner can choose many options such as countertops, cabinets and window and door styles and attain the look of owning a custom built home. While certain options may not be available in every home design in every part of the country, there are enough to choose from that buyers typically find the ones they like.