NoneIn Elkhart, Indiana the first Skyline mobile home literally rolled off the assembly line and during the last over 50 years they have emerged as one of the premier manufactured home builders. Their experience has led to innovations in the industry, adopted by many others in the mobile home business.In 1951 there was still great need and demand for affordable housing, especially for young new families just starting out as well as for senior citizens looking for more relaxation in their later years. Mobile homes, or trailers as they were called then, fit the bill. They were inexpensive, quick to build or buy off a retailer’s lot and could be placed on their own land or in a mobile home park. Being in a neighborhood setting seemed to fit better with older folks who liked having neighbors and friends close by in case of emergency, or loneliness.During those early years, choices of mobile homes were limited to only a few floor plans, but it did not take long for customers to let their feelings and demands known and manufacture home builders quickly added to the options of available housing choices.The buyers wanted more room and better quality inside along with more durability and strength in the home overall. Integrated steel frames began appearing and Skyline mobile homes were in the forefront of many of the positive changes. By staying in front of demands, Skyline built its business first by quality and customer service and then by offering innovative ideas built into the mobile homes. Adding built-in cabinets to make the kitchens more efficient and with whole-house heating, plumbing and electric now available, sales continued to climb, meeting the needs of those wanting the advantages of home ownership without the added expense of a mortgage with the associated interest payments for up 30 years.As young families began to outgrow their living quarters, they began to seek other housing options and it seemed a natural transition into the modular home market for Skyline mobile homes to make. Using their experience in off-site construction, taking the home off the steel frame and wheels, helped them develop into a quality-minded supplier of modular homes as well.Currently they offer several choices from a one bedroom home under 1,000 square feet to several models of two story houses for larger families, perhaps some of them who have outgrown the Skyline mobile homes they moved into when they were just starting out. Their recreational vehicles, built in five of their 21 plants located in 11 states, continues the tradition of quality and customer service with each division drawing on each other for engineering ideas as well as new ideas to provide better products for their customers.