NoneSometimes, when a person or family is looking for a home, they can save money if they consider purchasing one of the many available repossessed modular homes.  These homes are usually sold through bank auctions or other means for much cheaper than they could go for on the market because transfer duties do not have to be paid.  However, because bank or other people or institutions are often under pressure to get rid of the property as quickly as possible, they often set up auctions or other means to do just that.  This is how the homes are able to sell for cheaper than their marketable price.  Modular homes have many benefits, including their ability to save the homeowner money.  This is because they are built to very strict specifications and as a result are very energy efficient.  As a result, this can save the homeowner money on their future electric and energy bills.  Many people recognize these cost effective advantages, and are very interested in purchasing modular homes.  The extra advantage of repossessed modular homes can be that they will be much cheaper of a purchase, as well as the fact that they are already assembled and ready to be moved into.   If your family needs to move quickly, you can benefit personally by moving into a purchased repossessed modular home because of the ease of transition.NoneNoneNone