NoneMany people love the look and stability of the manufactured home.  But there are more pressing reasons for people to purchase repossessed manufactured homes when they are looking for a new home for themselves.  The biggest reason is financially based.  When a bank has repossessed manufactured homes, they are trying to get rid of them as fast as they can.  Because of this, the price of the home is usually valued just high enough to pay back the bank of the financial institution whatever it is that they need to get back in order to stay ahead.  Manufactured homes are stable and secure, thanks in part to laws that were passed between 1974 and 1976 which mandated particular areas that the homes needed to comply with in order to leave the factory.  As long as your manufactured home was built after 1976, it is almost a given that it complies with these set standards.  Because it is meeting these standards, when you go to a bank or other institution in order to see about getting some financing for your repossessed manufactured homes, the likelihood of you getting the financing is greater.Repossessed manufactured homes offer their new owners all the convenience and peace of mine of the standard manufactured home, but it also offers additional financial benefits. It is because of these factors that so many people are able to benefit in standard and less traditional ways when they purchase these specific manufactured homes.  NoneNone