NoneThe problems when dealing with such people are numerous. The contract may not be what it is purported to be, there may be title problems or tax liens, or the homes may be in a very bad state of repair. Hence you should be constantly vigilant when trying to buy repo mobile homes Texas. First, make sure that your retailer is licensed. Ask to see his or her license. If you are not satisfied with the answer or suspect something fishy, then contact the Manufactured Housing Division and they can verify whether the retailer’s credentials are real or not. Make sure that the retailer has a proper office and confirm this for yourself. Fake retailers trying to sell you repo mobile homes Texas often have no real office and might do all their business over the phone. So beware of someone who does not have an established office or seems reluctant to have you come over to visit. When making any kind of payment or deposit, stay away from cash transactions. Cash once paid cannot be recovered or even traced. Stick to paying with checks or money order since these take time to clear and have some chance of being recovered if you are duped in any way.    Be sure to get a receipt for your records. Before signing on a contract or any kind of form, make sure you know what you are signing. If it is incomplete then do not sign under any circumstance. This is one of the easiest ways to get duped. One way of finding reliable retailers of repo mobile homes Texas is to approach government housing agencies, which will be able to guide you in the right direction in this matter. There are many local citizens’ charters which also provide these services on a non-profit basis. They usually have resident experts who can help you make an informed decision.Financial institutions and mortgage brokers will also have a list of established dealers who specialize in repossessed homes. This is because the institutions are often involved in the process owing to  the pending loans and mortgages on property and have to take over the homes. They then appoint retailers to sell it off for them. These pointers if followed strictly can help you make the right investment when buying repossessed homes in Texas as well as any other state. If you are unable to recall everything at one go, make a checklist of the things to look for.NoneNone