NonePrefabricated Log Homes are a wonderful choice for any family.  They provide optimum beauty and offer excellent benefits when it comes to energy efficiency.  You will reap the benefits of a cool, mild summer behind the walls of prefabricated log homes and moderate winter climates control.Prefabricated Log homes can be built on site or you can get the logs from a factory.  Before you embark on this wonderful journey of securing the home of your dreams, there are a few things you should know.  Over time the logs of your home will shrink making your abode subject to air leakage.  However, there are measures you can take when choosing the logs for prefabricated log homes that can help prevent water damage and air leakage over time.The first thing you want to be knowledgeable about is the R-value of the wood you select.  The R-value of the wood is the amount the log can resist heat flow.  R-value for wood goes from 1.41 per inch (2.54cm) for the majority of the softwoods.  The R-value is important because it, along with the climate that prefabricated log homes are in.  The R-value and the climate determine the log’s ability to store heat.Don’t let the threat of air leakage deter you from prefabricated log homes.  It is true that air-dried logs are subject to air leakage but there are a number of options you can choose to help stop air leakage.  If you are concerned about air leakage go for logs that have been seasoned and protected for at least six months before building starts.  Choose quality, cedar spruce, pine or fir logs for the best results.  You may also want plastic gaskets or caulking compounds used when building to give you the best defense against air leakage.There are several routes you can take to guard against water problems with prefabricated log homes.  You can opt to only use logs that have been through water proofing treatments.  This along with roofs overhangs, the right sized gutters and down spouts will help protect your home and make it last.Prefabricated log homes must be code compliant and receive approval before building may begin.  Depending on where you live there are a few codes and regulations that your home must meet.  Begin your quest of home ownership by researching prefabricated log homes today.  Don’t turn your back on this amazing home owning experience.  Bring the original American dream home to life with prefabricated log homes.    NoneNone