NoneA prefabricated building is one that is not built entirely on site. In fact, the majority of the prefabricated building process occurs in state of the art factories and facilities where computers and other precision equipment are employed to build precisely what is ordered. All the constructed pieces of a prefabricated building are then delivered to the building site to be fully assembled. Before prefabricated building begins, a buyer chooses the type of house or building they want to construct. Though most manufacturers have pre-designed plans, custom plans can also be created if the buyer’s needs can’t be met with stock floor plans. Most dealers have their own architects ready to design custom projects, or the buyer can hire their own. Once the building plans are finalized, they are sent to the manufacturer for review and the building process can begin.With the aid of computers and precision tools, craftsmen in the manufacturer’s factory begin the prefabricated building. Each part is constructed according to the construction plans and are inspected for quality. Windows, doors and flooring and roofing systems are pre-measured and cut or pre-marked when necessary. When all the pieces are completed and ready for assembly they are delivered to the building site for the final construction. Assembly of a prefabricated building can be done by representatives of the dealer or manufacturer, or can be hired by the buyer. The assembly can take a matter of days when properly coordinated and once the building is under roof, the plumbing, electrical and interior building process can begin. Because each phase of building is coordinated, prefabricated building can be a very efficient process. Since the initial framing of the structure occurs indoors, weather is not a factor and will not inhibit progress and can not affect the material. Prefabricated building also helps the buyer stay on budget because the building is pre-priced, the labor is in house and the materials are bulk ordered and available. Most dealers can guarantee delivery dates, making subcontract labor coordination easier.To learn more about the prefabricated building process, contact several dealers in your area and discuss your options for housing, office space, or other needed structures.NoneNone