NoneWooden prefab garages are going to be stout in construction and will likely coordinate better with your existing home. As a detached garage in the traditional sense, wooden prefab garages are a good choice. You are able to finish the interior of it to your liking, even to adding drywall. While you don’t have to create a completely finished interior, you retain that option with wood prefab garages. Similarly, wood prefab garages are great for building an elaborate child’s playhouse.Metal prefab garages might be the best value if you are unconcerned with appearance. Metal garages are simplistic in appearance, and metal might not match your existing home. However, they are generally lower priced than other material and make excellent storage buildings for seasonal vehicles such as boats or motorcycles, lawnmowers and other equipment, or just tools. They are available in large enough sizes that you could create a workshop area or just simply safely store vehicles on your property. Steel prefab garages are extremely solid construction and make excellent outbuildings. You can get steel framed garages and add wooden or vinyl siding to improve aesthetics. These are secure buildings that should serve any purpose and stand up to most types of weather.Prefab garages are quick to assemble once delivered and can generally be completed within 2 to 3 days, depending on size, after delivery. It is your responsibility to check with your local building codes to see if there are restrictions or rules regarding the type of foundation and anchoring provided for prefab garages. You may also need to secure a permit, depending on whether your municipality requires it, and whether they deem it a permanent or temporary structure.Be sure to contact your insurance company as well. You want to verify that you have enough coverage for detached structures in the even of loss, vandalism, or theft. You insurance agent will help you determine what, if any, additional insurance coverage you need.You can order prefab garages from a number of dealers, but be sure to shop around before you buy. Check pricing, quality, warranties, and delivery as well as whether the dealer can provide you with installers once the building arrives. If you intend to assemble the building yourself, be sure you’ve secured the necessary permits and codes and that you do not void the manufacturer’s warranty when installing. Prefab garages of any style or size are available to suit your storage or business needs. Select carefully, and you will be happy with the long-term purchase and are likely to find it beats public storage. Consult a dealer for further information including pricing, available sizes and designs.NoneNone