NoneThe first term you should become familiar with if you are shopping for Pennsylvania modular homes is “factory built homes.â€ This term is used to describe a home that is built in a factory under ideal building conditions. Factory built homes include modular homes, panelized homes, kit homes or HUD code homes.The second term you should understand the meaning of is “manufactured home.â€ This term describes a home that has a permanent chassis. These homes meet the National Housing Construction and Safety Standards code.The third term you should familiarize yourself with if you are shopping for Pennsylvania modular homes is “HUD code.â€ This is a code put forth that is designed to regulate the design, construction, durability, strength, fire resistance, energy efficiency, quality and transportability of a home. To meet this code manufacturer must also meet standards in air conditioning, heating, electrical and heating systems.“Modular homeâ€ is the fourth term you should understand. This describes a home that is built in sections and transported to a site and assembled. Pennsylvania modular homes must meet the local and state codes.“IRCâ€ is the fourth term you will need to know if you are purchasing a modular home. This term is referring to the International Residential Code. Modular homes must be built, installed and assembled in compliance with the IRC. This is important to note. Manufactured homes must be in compliance with the HUD code, but they must be installed with the IRC.The fifth term you will hear is “single section home.â€ This refers to a home that is in one section. Most of these homes are known as mobile homes.None“Retailerâ€ is the eighth term. This term refers to the seller of the home. This will be the person that you talk to when you go look at Pennsylvania modular home. This person can help you pick out a floor plan or help you design your own. “Land and Home packagesâ€ is another term you may hear when shopping around for a modular home. This term refers to a home that is being purchased and financed along with property. Many people already have their property. Others will choose to finance a piece of property and their home in one loan.