NoneSometimes, the park mobile homes are situated in can form into a type of a coalition between the inhabitants of the mobile home park.  Through this, they are able to form their own type of government, much as a city council would do, though typically on a much smaller scale.  Sometimes, the park mobile homes are situated in will offer different activities and outings for the residents will be arranges.  Some parks offer fishing trips, camping and canoeing.  In a park mobile homes can come together and exist as a neighborhood.  This is very helpful to the people, who need a space to keep their home, and is also beneficial to those who own the park land.  These people can make money as a result of renting out the land upon which the homes are kept.  If the people who own the home decide they want to move, it is generally very easy to pick up and move, since their home is built to be mobile.  Because there are so many different types of parks around the country, there are many places for these homes to be relocated to; this offers additional convenience for the owners of the mobile homes.NoneNone