NoneFor people who might be looking to build their own house, but might not have the time, panelized homes can help homeowners achieve do-it-yourself status and save time. New homeowners can also hire the erection of their panelized homes. Either way, weather, time, labor and materials are not an issue when you defer to panelized homes construction instead of traditional framing. Panelized homes meet all construction standards and building codes and use stout, dried wood that is assembled in a factory according to computer specifications based on the plans the homeowner chooses. The time between the start of the process and the time the homeowner has a fully framed house can be as much as half the time of traditional framing. In addition to the framing, the windows, roofing, doors, and flooring all arrive together. Building the house from the ground to “under roofâ€ can be done quickly, with less hassle and with materials that have been precision measured and cut. With the frame of the house in place, you or your subcontractors can come in and complete the plumbing, electrical wiring, and interior of the house. NonePanelized homes could be thought of as house kits, and in a sense, they are. However, if time is money, than panelized homes will save the homeowner money. The homes can be customized according to the buyer’s preferences and taste or can be ordered from sets of stock plans. Again, the dealer or a company representative will be able to help the home buyer choose the right plan for them. Construction time for panelized homes can be as little as six to eight weeks in some cases, making it an ideal solution for people in situations with time constraints.NoneNone