NoneMobile homes have long been used as a source of affordable and energy efficient housing among many different types of people.  The affordability makes them attractive to people who desire cheaper housing either by necessity or through good money managing.  These homes are often made of a better construction that on-sit built homes and they are forced through government laws to be efficient when it comes to energy and safety.  The standards for these areas are checked before the mobile home or manufactured home leaves the factory in which it is built.  This is beneficial for the homeowners who choose to look into this type of housing because it will not only keep them more comfortable and cost less money up front; it also allows people to save money in the long run.  Palm Harbor offers financing and insurance on all of their own products, but because of the quality work that goes into these types of standardized homes, it is typically not very difficult to get financing from banks and other financial institutions.  Many people appreciate this and take advantage of all the many benefits that they can receive when they purchase and own a home from Palm Harbor.Palm harbor mobile homes, or manufacture homes, have been around for over thirty years, and have thrived by building unique and custom designed pre-fabricated homes for people who are interested in saving money, time and being more energy effieicnet.  The first building and centers of operation were purchased in Texas, but within a very short period of time, Palm Harbor mobile homes expanded to Arizona and Florida.  Since then the company has been able to expand even further.  There are now centers in Arizona, North Carolina, Ohio, California and Oregon, among other places, that are open and available to help you build the home of your dreams within as fast a period of time as possible, making it easier for you to stop dreaming and start living.