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Eugene Committee for Affordable Housing
This site has been created to serve as a “electronic clearinghouse” for information regarding the passage of the Eugene Affordable Housing Utility Consumption Tax, a measure intended to provide resources to help build and develop affordable housing. Links to other housing resources are also included.
Rating: Excellent
Location: Eugene, Oregon, USA
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Fair Housing Enforcement Center
The Fair Housing Enforcement Center for the Northwest/Alaska Area investigates and resolves complaints of housing discrimination in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Alaska. This site describes their goals, purposes, and services, as well as links to larger Fair Housing agencies.
Rating: Informative
Location: Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Idaho, USA
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First Place Family Center
This site details the services provided by the Center, whose goal is to primarily serve the needs of homeless and low-income families with children. Their program offers a unique and cost effective method of providing services by volunteers, both in the night shelter program and the day use facility. Other information provided includes links to related services and agencies, and contact information.
Rating: Informative
Location: Eugene, Oregon, USA
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International Homeless Discussion List and Archives
This is an excellent site that includes a comprehensive list of links discussing homelessness issues, resources, discussion lists, health and medical services, and policy issues.
Rating: Excellent
Location: Ashland, Oregon, USA
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Ministry to the Homeless
This site provides information about the Ministry’s services, clientele, and programs. Contact information as well as volunteer opportunities are provided.
Rating: Informative
Location: Lake Oswego, Oregon, USA
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Oikos: Green Building Source
This searchable site contains excellent information about green building materials and energy efficient environmentally responsible techniques for sustainable design and construction. Also included is product, newsletter, construction, and related resource information.
Rating: Excellent
Location: Oregon, USA
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Olive Plaza
Specially designed barrier-free apartments are available for mobility impaired persons of any age at Olive Plaza. Their website gives resident requirements, location map, and other necessary resident information.
Rating: Informative
Location: Eugene, Oregon, USA
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Oregon Homeownership Partners Project 2000
This site details the mission of the Project to “join with representatives of government, industry, nonprofit, and profit housing advocates” to “make it easier for people to get mortgages and expand homeownership opportunities by increasing production of new affordable homes.” Background information, related links and resources, volunteer and membership information is provided.
Rating: Informative
Location: Salem, Oregon, USA
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