NoneYou may not have considered Oregon mobile homes in the past when you were searching for comfortable, stylish living, but that is probably because you haven’t seen what they can offer.  Many people make the mistake of overlooking Oregon mobile homes because of old stereotypes that simply are not true.  Mobile homes can provide you with the same level of satisfaction that traditionally built homes do and they can help save you money on building and after you move in.Oregon mobile homes offer quality housing for everyone from seniors to families.  You will be able to choose from a huge selection of floor plans.  A skilled team of design specialists will help sculpt one of the many Oregon mobile homes into the home of your dreams.  Whether you are looking for a wonderful place to spend you winter or a new full time home, Oregon mobile homes have something for you. Oregon mobile homes are built based on tough guidelines that come from HUD.  Your home will pass through a number of inspections before you are allowed to move into it to insure optimum safety.  Your home may end up being much safer than most traditional housing because of the harsh scrutiny it must face. The floor plans that Oregon mobile homes offer are incredible.  You will find elegant, roomy kitchens, cozy bedrooms and other savory amenities.  You will also love the reduced amount that you are able to heat and cool your home for.  Not to, mention there are hardly ever any delays in the production of Oregon mobile homes.  Meaning that you and your family will be able to move in much less time than if you were waiting on the production of a traditional home.  Rain or shine, the construction of your home will go on because it will be built in a factory.  A great benefit of going mobile.If it is money that is standing in the way of your homeownership, consider that roadblock removed.  If you are ready to own your own home, there are many ways you can achieve that feat.  There are numerous financing options available for Oregon mobile homes.  You can go through a lender that only lends for mobile homes or use the Title I program.  Of you can go through more traditional channels for financing.  The choice is yours.  Breath life back into your homeowner dreams with Oregon mobile homes.  Get going on your way to home ownership by starting to locate builders.  Once you have found one that you are satisfied with, you can have a contract drawn up, with the start and completion date.  You will have the opportunity to make sure that your home is exactly how you want it before you sign the Certificate of Completion.