NoneOther areas in which Oakwood modular homes meets quality regulations are energy efficiency and the quality of the construction and design.  Oakwood homes are built in an environment of controlled climate and then transported to the customer’s property where they are placed on a permanent foundation, just like a stick built home. Thousands of Oakwood modular homes are built each year and sold to satisfied customers.  Because of the sheer volume of Oakwood modular homes that are built, the factories are able to save substantial money on building materials.  This makes Oakwood modular homes much more affordable than traditional housing can be.Ah, but what about hidden cost if I buy an Oakwood modular home?  There are none.  The price of Oakwood modular homes includes the air conditioning unit, outside steps and decks, the leveling, skirting and blocking, and even delivery.In fact, if you compared Oakwood modular homes with a similar stick built home, it is not uncommon to find a savings of up to fifty percent!If your property allows for it you can even order a two story Oakwood modular home.  If you need a basement, this too is possible with Oakwood modular homes.If you buy Oakwood modular homes that are in stock you can have it delivered within one week!  But if you order a custom built Oakwood modular home that you want placed on a basement you may have to wait a while, usually thirty days. Oakwood modular homes come with a one year warranty.