NoneYou may also be surprised of the number of sizes and designs that are available when choosing your next NY modular home. Whether you need a small one bedroom unit, maybe about 800 to 1,000 square feet or an executive-style home over 6,000 square feet there are numerous design of those and all the ones in between to choose from.You can find one story ranch houses, Cape Cod style as well as two and three story homes and bi-level designs. Many modular home builders also offer design services to customize their existing floor plans or to come up with an entirely new design to make your wishes for a dream home come true. If you are looking for a small two story home, you can find of those as well.The quality of the construction is usually stronger than a sit built home simply because of the construction needs to be able to transport the house’s components by truck. In addition to the typical rough ride, each section of the home will be lifted at least three times by a crane on its way from the factory to your building site.Another major plus to modular homes over site built homes is the protection of the building supplies, specifically the lumber, which waiting for construction to begin. In a climate-controlled factory, the wood is stored inside, out of the elements so it is usually dry and straight when it goes through precision cutting tools. During site built construction, the wood usually sits outside in the weather until it is used. By that time some of it may have become wet and twisted making it difficult to obtain a straight cut.Insulating qualities of a NY modular home will be of interest due the severity of a typical New York winter. Using two inch by six inch studs in the outside wall and filling them with R-19 fiberglass insulation batting, will prevent most of the cold New York air outside. Thermopane windows with low-E glass as well as some offerings of vinyl-clad wood windows and the use of insulated exterior doors all work together to save you money on utility costs.Once you have chosen your home’s style and floor plan, you may want to look at available options. Upgrades are available in a variety of areas, including plumbing fixtures and countertops so can have that granite countertop in the kitchen and bathroom you always dreamed about. Upgrades on included appliances are also available as are packages of quality appliances, which, are not part of the original package. There are also packages available as options for garages that would be built by the on-site general contractor building your home.