NoneNew mobile homes come in many different sizes.  You can select from single wide homes, double wide homes, triple wide homes, and multi-story mobile homes.  You even have the option of setting up your new mobile home on a basement foundation.  With all of the options that are available you should be able to find a model that has the room that you need.New mobile homes also come in a variety of architectural styles.  The style availability will vary by region; however, most areas will carry ranch styles mobile homes and cottage style mobile homes.  You will need to check with your local mobile home dealer to learn about what other architectural styles are available in your area.If you are looking to buy one of the many new mobile homes, then you will be able to customize your model selection to fit your taste and home needs.  For example you can choose the color of the walls, the type of wall texture that you want, the type of flooring that you want, special features that you want like center air conditioning or ceiling fans, and you can even have the design and layout of a mobile home model modified to meet your living needs.  You can also add sections to your home, have your mobile home set up on a foundation or basement, or you can add a garage to your design.  The freedom that you have with the design of your mobile home will help it to feel like your dream home instead of an assembly line house. NoneNone