NoneIn the office space, modular offices are brought in components. The floor track is set up in the shape and size that was ordered and wall panels are fit into the track. Windows can be added as well as a door. The walls are built to conform to fire and other building codes and are ready to handle electrical outlets. A ceiling can be added, if necessary. Even a complicated structure can be move-in ready in a few hours. In the future, the components can be refigured to turn offices into a conference room as needed. When a factory has to be reconfigured to handle a high-tech project, modular offices can be used to create sound-proofed rooms or clean rooms – free of dust. Whether special rooms need to added for assembling delicate computer components or to enclose a chemical operation to conform to environmental laws, modular offices can help. A typical office can be added to a warehouse or a break room to a basement. Modern modular offices can be used to adapt old construction to meet today’s needs at a fraction of the cost of remodeling. If the business plan includes moving to a larger facility in a few years, the modular offices can be packed up and taken along. There’s no need to add permanent upgrades to a leased or temporary facility. In today’s less permanent business environment, modular offices fit right in. NoneNone