NoneOf course, modular manufacturers are very upfront about the fact that every new home will settle during the first year of ownership, and it is therefore not necessarily a sign of poor workmanship or bad material usage if suddenly a crack appears in the ceiling or wall. As a matter of fact, many modular manufacturers will give their customers documentation that clearly outlines what to look for while the home is settling, and to contact them as soon as possible when this is happening so that any cracks may be inspected and also repaired. Yet once in a rare while, there are some problems that need to be addressed and which go above and beyond the customary settling that clients are told to expect. These problems set apart the reputable manufacturers who take customer service seriously from those who are simply in the market to erect a quick home and hopefully make a quick buck. Reputable modular manufacturers will have a wall to wall warranty in effect that permits customers to call with any and every problem.  A representative will then come out to the property and estimate the best possible procedures available to the manufacturer to address the problem and fix it.  The consumer is no longer put in the middle between a builder and a supplier of lumber who might have inadvertently included some substandard boards in one of the shipments. Add to this the fact that many a manufacturer is so sure about the quality of her or his home that an optional two year warranty can be purchased after the customary one year warranty expires. This is almost unheard of with builders of customary brick and mortar homes! Of course, as a consumer you will need to work with your manufacturer to address any problem of which you might have become aware.  For example, manufacturers do not want you to wait with calling them in case of a problem.  Instead, they would like you to call right away, no matter how minor the problem might seem.  This will permit your manufacturer to fix the problem while it is still small and low cost.  Secondly, be sure to completely read the entire warranty your manufacturer gives you.  Some items are going to be the responsibility of your dealer and it is important to be aware of these differences before you need service rather than afterwards.