NoneModular log homes have for years been among the most popular of the modular home options on the market. There’s just nothing like the look of a snow covered log cabin resting on a bit of a hill or nestled in a little grove of trees. There is a broad range of modular log homes available, with looks that range from rustic to refined, from traditional styles to modern looks, many of which make use of solar energy concepts and other energy efficient techniques and technologies. Many place the return of the log cabin to the American housing scene as occurring during the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, when a variety of cultural movements sprang up that featured concepts of simplified or more self-reliant living, often as a means of casting off the typical middle class values of the era. While these often quite plain and simple cabins are certainly a far cry from the modular log homes of today, it would be fair to say that the log cabin living of that era did have significant influence on the direction that the log cabins of the early to mid 1980’s took in design and size. By the end of the 80’s, however, with the rising popularity of this housing option, modular log homes began to come into their own, moving well beyond the initial simplicity of design to encompass a wide variety of tastes and styles. In addition to classic, rustic looking houses, came modular log homes of elegance, as well as those with distinctly modern lines. Some modular log homes feature modern lines just for the clean, creative look, but others make use of those lines because they work so well in the incorporation of such energy efficient designs as passive solar systems into the overall design of the home. Passive solar systems are particularly popular with modular log homes and other types of prefab or manufactured housing because these types of homes can typically be positioned perfectly to make the best use of the sun. While modular log homes are a dream home for many, bought with plans of long-term residence, sometimes life circumstances do change. However, when following the market for these homes, one thing to make note of is that their resale value tends to be strong in many regional markets. Because of the quality and durability of modular log homes, financing for these homes has become more readily available as their popularity has grown through the years. There are numerous quality makers of modular log homes throughout the nation, which means that there are many manufacturers that can be visited to tour the variety of homes available. Choosing the just the right style is so much easier with the advantage of being able to do a complete walk through is available. Many models can be customized to suit the buyer, as well.