NoneWhile in the past, modular houses have been limited in size and design, modern modular houses have many variations in style and size. The average size of a new modular home is approximately 1400 square feet. Architectural elements of modular houses include cathedral ceilings, designer trim, various roof lines, and custom designed kitchens. Essentially, any modern design element can be implemented into new modular houses. Manufacturers have stock floor plans for modular houses that can be modified to suit individual buyer needs, or an architect can be hired to design a custom plan. In some parts of the country, weather greatly limits the traditional home construction industry. Excessive rain can put construction schedules into serious delays. Modular houses have the advantage of being built off site in a factory where weather does not interfere with completion schedules. For many homeowners, this is a great advantage.Financing of modular houses is not all that different than financing a traditional home purchase. You can arrange financing through a qualified, licensed dealer, or work with your own bank. Industry trends show that modular houses retain their value as well as site-built homes in most markets. Many people believe that modular houses are cheaper to buy and therefore must be cheaper in quality. In reality, the price per square foot may only be a few dollars less than site-built homes, but the quality is typically comparable. One advantage of modular houses versus traditional new home construction is that the dealer will guarantee the price in writing and there is no fear of going over budget. Before you order the fabrication of a modular house, you must secure the purchase of a lot. The lot will have to be prepared for the foundation and utilities before the modules of the house can be delivered and assembled. The dealer you use should be able to help you coordinate all aspects of the process. In most cases, the entire process can be done in just two to three months. If you are interested in new home construction on your lot or are looking for a way to own a new home, talk to several different dealers and compare service, warranties, products, pricing and floor plans. Also compare the completion process to new home construction. Modular houses aren’t for everyone, but you may be surprised at the advances that have been made in the modern versions and should not rule it out before comparing.NoneNone