NoneOne of the primary differences in the construction of a modular house versus a traditional home is the wall construction. Some modular houses use paneling rather than drywall or gypsum board. Though a custom built modular house generally has different paneling selections and may even offer drywall, the batten strips that trim each piece where paneling is present can limit wall treatments. While you can use vinyl wall covering over top of the paneling, many people find that they don’t enjoy the finished look because of the batten strips. Consider alternative wall treatments in your modular house. You can employ a painting technique, such as vertical stripes that actually works with the batten strips. You can also stencil patterns vertically along the batten strips. Alternately, you can paint the entire wall, including the strips, one solid color and use wall art or fabric to enhance the space with color and texture. Instead of fighting the wall construction, work with it and you will find a look you like.When working in some of the smaller spaces of a modular house, organization is the key to making design work. Establish what each area of your house is used for and then clear out any items that don’t belong or won’t be used there. Try matching storage bins or baskets to your décor and use them to create contrast or compliment a theme. When it is necessary for a space to serve two purposes, as with an eat-in kitchen area, define each space separately and use the right size furniture.Find storage solutions wherever possible. A laundry room, an extra closet, or even a cabinet in a corner can serve as storage for things that need to be kept out of sight. Try to avoid using oversized furniture and buy furniture that is functions as more than one thing, such as seating and storage.Window treatments in a modular house are not all that different than a traditional home. Some windows may be less than standard size, but you can hem sheers and drapes if necessary. In a larger modular house where space is very open, such as where the living room, kitchen and dining area all one room, try to coordinate your color scheme to be congruent throughout the entire space rather than creating a mix of colors in the same space. If you are redecorating for the purpose of resale, stick with neutral colors like beige, gray, black, and white. Decorating and designing the space in a modular house is not at all different than any other space. It simply requires spending a little time figuring out what style you like and how to make the most of the space you have.NoneNone