NoneMoney and time savings are the two main considerations among those who choose modular homes, and when you see how convenient and inexpensive modular homes are, you may wonder why there are still those who opt for traditional houses built on-site. Modular homes are constructed in sections at an indoor construction site and then assembled on a “shellâ€ where the house will be located. Building the main part of the home on a construction site avoids many of the problems that plague traditional homebuilders, including inclement weather, increased costs for materials and theft. Many building projects are delayed due to bad weather conditions, and it is difficult to predict how long a blizzard will last, for instance, or if there will be a solid week of rain. This is the reason many conventional building projects take much more time than expected, and delays can be extremely frustrating. Since modular homes are built indoors, problems with the weather are eliminated. While you are building your home outdoors, it is impossible to keep it under lock and key. Theft is a serous problem facing those who build homes on-site. There are very few methods of preventing theft if a home is being built on-site. Modular homes are kept indoors and no one has access to the parts of the house as they are being built except for those employed at the site. Also, traditional building projects often entail added expensed because builders have to buy materials nearby the site. If these materials sold at a nearby store are expensive, these costs add up to create a large bill in the end. Those who build modular homes use materials from their suppliers and can keep costs down. There is no reason not to buy modular homes since, they, like traditional homes appreciate in value. Because each home can be built relatively quickly, since weather and other setbacks are not obstacles to the building process, more modular homes can be built and they have a lower price tag. Some people have enough money left over from their savings on modular homes to buy an additional modular home so they will have one property to live in and one house as an investment property. In addition, modular homes can be customized to suit individual tastes and style preferences. The personal touch is an essential part of making a home truly yours. NoneNone