NoneThe state of Washington has possibly the worst climate reputation of other states seemingly constant construction delays modular homes Washington can save homebuyers on a major capital expense. Both cost overruns and weather delays are seldom and issue with modular homes and, especially in Washington this can save lots of time and money.Additionally, the quality construction built into every modular home Washington, even more money can be saved on utility expenses. Quality construction along with better insulating techniques make them cheaper to heat and cheaper to cool, regardless of the style of modular homes Washington chosen.You can search virtually every venue available for real estate and find modular homes, and generally they are slightly lower in price. Not due to their construction or quality, but mainly due to the lower initial cost. The savings due to lowered utility cost will also generate savings over the years of ownership.When pre-fab homes, as they were first called, hit the mainstream they were usually smaller homes, often referred to as starter homes for young couples just starting out. They were cheaper than most site built houses, but there also were not many styles to choose from. Modular housing units began springing up and since they were built in a factory, many people likened pre-fab houses as mobile homes without the wheels. The big difference at the time was that mobile homes, or trailers, were built to federal standards and were not subject to local or state building codes. Modular homes did not have that distinction and as such were required to undergo inspections as they were being built in the factory as well as at the construction site. However, more awareness of the industry and more facts surrounding modular houses have made them a popular commodity. Especially in areas where weather plays an important role in the construction season as well as in utility costs.Since modular homes are built in an enclosed factory, with no construction delays your home can be built in five to eight weeks. Additionally, by working with the builder that will assemble the house once it arrives, some of the site work can be done to prepare for your home’s arrival. This can reduce the on-site construction from the typical eight weeks. Depending on the amount of site work that still needs done once the house arrives.There is also not a lot of waste during construction and all savings from the efficient building methods are passed on to the customers, making for great saving for buyers of modular homes Washington not only in the initial cost but also in the utility savings. Additionally, with the lower construction costs it can leave room in your budget to upgrade certain options in the home such as better countertops or better flooring, allowing you to get more for the same money that you might spend on a site built house.Unlike manufactured housing, the value of a modular house does not depreciate. It may not go up as fast as a conventional house, but over the years it will appreciate in price.