NoneBefore you can have your modular home built to your specifications you must first know where you want to live. The first step that people should take is to locate properties for their modular homes. Utah and other states may have restrictions on where you can place modular homes. For instance, it is rather difficult to find a location in the center of a city for a modular home. However, it is not impossible. If you connect with a realtor who knows the ins and outs of codes he or she can point you in the right land direction. After you have purchased your property, you can then locate a dealer who specializes in custom made modular homes. Utah and other states will have dealers who can help you get started on looking at models and various floor plans. These homes can be customized to meet the specifications of your dream home. Once you have decided on your home and placed your order, you can begin preparing your property for the arrival of your dream home. Most dealers will send out a service manager to aid you in making site improvements. You can hire a site contractor through the modular home dealer or you can do it yourself or even hire your own contractor.  Once your home arrives, the service department of the modular home dealer will work with you step by step to ensure that you transition into your new home with ease.