NoneThe South is able to provide for many a lower cost of living, in general.  This is very beneficial to the many people that live down there.  It is also beneficial for the people located in the South to consider the more cost effective nature of the modular home.  These structures help to reinforce the lower cost of living standards by supplying the ability to live in a home that has been manufactured and that costs a great deal less than other types of homes.  Manufactured or modular homes are able to provide a great deal of benefits to the people in the South, among other places, and modular homes south Carolina based are no different.Modular homes are prefabricated in a factory and then transported to different physical locations across the country.  While they are being built in the factory, it is a great idea to save time by building the foundation on site at the same time.  The pieces of the modular home are built in controlled environments within factories.  This is how they are able to be manufactured so quickly and easily, through these controlled environments.  There are no weather obstructions to put delays on the formation and production of your home.  Once different pieces are constructed, the homes are assembled up to ninety percent, and then they are put onto flatbed trucks and shipped to the location where their foundation awaits them.  As a result, these homes are able to be fully constructed within a matter of weeks, as opposed to the months that it may take homes to be created exclusively on site.  Modular homes South Carolina based are at a distinct advantage in this area because of how hot and humid the summers can be.  Instead of work needed to be stopped because of the weather conditions outside, as may be the case for on site produced homes, modular homes south Carolina based are able to continue with production because they are inside.  The summer heat will also be a factor later on when the occupants are residing happily within their new homes.  South Carolina summers can be brutal and intense, but this does not mean that the energy bill for the home will need to be just as brutal and intense.  In the 1970’s, mandates were passed by the federal government which required homes to meet certain standards.  Some of these standards were distinctly energy based, and required the homes to be energy efficient.  This can reassure homeowners that when they buy their modular homes south Carolina based, the well insulated materials will help them to save money on their energy bills, especially if they are running air conditioners to keep their home a comfortable temperature.These benefits and advantages in regards to timeliness, energy efficiency and cost are very appealing to a wide variety of people.  Homes are important necessities, and it is very nice when you can find a home that will meet all your demands and needs as well as providing you with some neat and unexpected advantages that will come to help you in future years.