NoneAnyone familiar with the modular home manufacturing process understands that there is nothing inferior about the building process of modular homes. For one, materials are cut with the aid of high tech machinery and components. People do not have to fear that the materials in their homes have been hand cut. Modern manufactured homes also use precision pneumatic tools on their fastenings. Most everyone agrees that pieces that are fastened with pneumatic tools are much studier than hand fastened pieces.  Another reason that modular homes buying is increasing in South Carolina is that the homes are built under ideal conditions. Home buyers do not have to worry that their homes are being built and exposed to extreme weather conditions. This keeps tools from malfunctioning and it also keeps the materials in their pristine condition. You could say that modular homes are over built. Why? The reason they are considered over built (when compared to stick built homes that are built on site) is that modular homes SC must be loaded in sections and taken to the site. Going on the road puts the home under stress. A normal site built home could not withstand the rigors of traveling. Modular homes do. This is because they are built to be overly durable and sturdy. If they can withstand a road trip, you know they will last a long, long time. The framework on these homes meets or exceeds the stick built homes. Many home buyers are choosing modular homes SC. South Carolina just seems to be one of the leaders in the sell of manufactured homes. Who can blame them for wanting a soundly built home that is economically priced, attractive and built fast? Many people predict that the manufactured home industry will soon make a tremendous dent in the on site home construction business. The manufacturing industry already has a couple of legs up on the on site construction housing sector. In addition to being more economically priced, manufactured homes have a quicker turnaround time than site built homes.  Lastly, one other reason that many people are choosing to purchase manufactured homes is they can be custom built. Buyers have the option to go with staple floor plans or they can tweak staple floor plans or go with their own customized floor plans. Using the latest strides that have been made in the building industry, manufacturers can build someone’s dream home in a factory cheaper and quicker than someone can onsite.