NoneModular homes have been popular since the first types of easily transported homes have been in use since the early 1920’s.  People appreciated the fact that they could move around with all the conveniences of home attached to their wagons in the form of wagon trailers.  As time advanced, so did the technologies of these mobile homes, but there are certain events throughout history that have created spikes in modular homes sales from these early periods to the present.When they were first introduced on the market in the 1920’s, the forerunner to the modern day modular home was an instant success.  The novelty and convenience of these additions were not lost on the general public.  They offered people a great benefit and were fairly innovative for the time, since they offered such a large storage space and since people wanted to be able to travel more freely, these devices really helped them with their plans.  Sales stayed pretty level until after the second world war, when there was once again an explosion in sales of the next stage of evolution in terms of the modular home: the mobile home.When soldiers returned home from the war, they were disappointed to find housing lacking, and the housing that was available was usually far too expensive for them to be able to afford.  This was quite discouraging until the market was supplied with a cheap, effective alternative.  The mobile home was introduced and was very popular among the young men who had returned home from the war.  They were much less expensive than stable homes but they were also sized well enough to accommodate an entire family within the confines of the mobile home.  Since work was always in question it was very convenient to be able to pick up and move your whole family to be relocated wherever the work was.As the 1980’s approached, the mobile home had gone through a series of changes within the last decade.  From the lost of the wheels that made them mobile, to the introduction of the custom designed floor plans, the modular homes sales began to increase again with the promise of stability, reliability and comfort.  But towards the end of this decade things began to level out in terms of sales, and many companies felt the hurt of this decline.In the late fall months of 2005, modular homes sales increased sharply.  This was due to the reaction that was in place due to the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.  The modular homes sales increased so rapidly because FEMA, insurance companies and other corporate identities were trying to make up for the damages incurred by many of the southern residents who lost their homes during the hurricane.  As a result, many of the surviving victims were given trailers or modular homes, which was what produced the sharp increase in the modular homes sales that many companies noticed that quarter.