NoneExactly what will your modular homes prices package include?  Here are some things you will want to ask about when getting the figures of your modular homes prices together.Will your modular home prices include delivery and set up?  Don’t forget to tally up the price of taxes in your modular home prices.  And will crane service to set up your home be extra from your modular home prices?Of course you will want to know if modular home prices cover the entire finishing of the interior as well as the exterior.  Are warranties included in modular home prices, or will that add more to your total cost?Some things people forget about sometimes when figuring modular homes prices is that unseen things need to be cared for.  For instance, do the modular homes prices you are expecting to pay take care of the septic system?  Will all utilities be hooked up, and plumbing up and running under the up front modular home prices?Of course an electrician will have to connect your electrical service to the pole, and that may cost extra from your modular homes prices.As with any new home that is built, there are legal permits that must be obtained and in all likelihood this cost will be apart from your modular homes prices.Before you even begin you will need surveys and possible testing done on your property, so don’t forget to add these responsibilities to your modular home prices.If you customize your home instead of going with a standardized plan, how much extra will this add to your modular homes prices?If you can manage to obtain a turnkey package in paying for your modular home prices, you will save yourself a lot of stress.  In this case, almost everything necessary will be included with your quoted modular home prices.  And if you decide on a turnkey package for your modular homes prices, will you have any say about who the contractors doing the work on your home will be?Building any new home involves much more than selecting what you want, and even though modular homes come with a certain convenience you want to be aware of hidden modular home prices.  But when you select a modular home even getting your modular home prices together should be much easier for you.It is helpful to make a list of everything you will expect to be covered with modular homes prices, and then be sure that they are, or if not that you know the added expenses.So, in affect, ask about these three decisions in modular homes prices.But by asking questions you will have a clear picture of what you will pay for modular homes prices.NoneNone