NoneFirst of all you will find that modular homes offer the benefit of speed. Usually you will find that the modular homes PA offers can be completed in less than half of the time it would take to build a stick built home. You can have your foundation being prepared while your modular home is being built in the factory, and the whole process will only take a couple months. No matter if it is snowing or raining, the production of your home can go on.Another benefit of modular homes is the affordability they offer. When you purchase one of the modular homes PA offers you will be able to have your entire home done for one package cost. You will not have to worry about paying someone to cleanup your site, since most of the work will actually be done in the factory. Deciding to purchase a modular home can actually save you about 20%, which is a rather large savings.Modular homes also offer you the benefit of flexibility as well. You can choose what you want when you purchase one of the modular homes PA offers. There are many great designs that you can choose from, and you can customize these designs to fit your needs as well. Your home will be beautiful and sturdy with all the features that you wanted in your home. All of these benefits together make a modular home a great choice for someone settling in the state of Pennsylvania.