NoneWhile traditional site built homes certainly do have a lot to offer the home buyer, the modular homes North Carolina buyers have to choose from often have advantages that the traditional types of homes just can’t offer. Affordability is often the first thing that comes to mind when considering a modular home, and that used to be the primary advantage of this housing option. Affordability does continue to rank high as a selling point for the modular homes North Carolina has to offer, but that is far from the only advantage. The modular home of today is often an architectural delight, because the fast increase in popularity of these homes has drawn the time and attention of some of the most skilled designers in the industry. The result has been a wide variety of home options, ranging from traditional lines to looks that are artistic and modern.Pleasing to the eye and easy on the budget is not all you’ll find when you look over the modular homes North Carolina features, because that’s not all that is necessary to a quality home that will house your family in comfort for years. Safety is essential, and you’ll find that these home meet and often exceed the local safety standards and other residential building codes. The modular home of today is built to last just as long as the typical site built home of comparable value. It’s no wonder that the modular homes North Carolina has to offer are rapidly increasing in popularity as a home ownership option. These affordable, well designed homes are a joy to live in and a fine way to set down roots in one of the most attractive parts of the nation.