NoneWhether your building lot is in the city, the suburbs or in the country, there are modular homes New York that fit into the landscape. From small one-floor plan homes under 1,000 square feet to mansion-style homes over 6,000 square feet, you can find one to fit into your neighborhood.Many suburban neighborhoods may need what is termed a city ranch house, which is basically a ranch house turned 90 degrees to sit on a long skinny plot of land. A typical ranch house, 30 feet by 60 feet can be turned to fit on a lot 50 feet wide by 75 feet long and still maintain the appearance and floor plan of the ranch style.In other neighborhoods a cape cod style modular home may be the perfect fit, and there are numerous styles of modular homes that fit that description. However, if you live in the country or the hills of New York, a large executive style home may be a better fit, especially for a large family. Two and even three story modular homes New York already exist for purchase or can be built specifically for you and your family.Several modular home builders offer numerous options for modular homes in New York and architectural firms can design one to your specifications as well. Having a custom built modular home in New York is no different than a custom sit-built home, except for being faster and more sturdily constructed.Site built homes rely on materials being delivered to the site where they sit exposed to the weather until used. Then cuts are made by people using freehand power saws with no guaranteed cutting consistency. Hammers are usually used to fasten wood together, which leaves room for differences between one joint and another. Weather conditions play the biggest role in site built homes and often times cost overruns come into play.Modular homes New York are built in a factory controlled environment so there are no weather delays. Materials are stored inside, where there is no damage by rain or other environmental concerns and all cuts are made on precision cutting radial arm saws to insure each cut is square and allows for proper fitting of all joints. Fastening is done by pneumatic equipment, which allows for each nail to be inserted to a consistent depth with no possibility of marring the wood.To buy previously-owned modular homes New York, you can check with most real estate companies and finance them through most banks just as you would a site built home. With many lenders recognizing the improved quality of site built homes, obtaining a mortgage is rarely a problem.