NoneWhen purchasing one of the modular homes New England has to offer you may want to be sure that you can decide the options you want for your home. You want to be sure to find a company that allows you to pick exactly what you want, since you are making a rather large investment. You should be able to choose what styles and colors of carpets you want throughout your home, and the kinds of cabinetry that you have in your kitchens and bathrooms. Make sure you pick exactly what you want, and do not let anyone talk you into something you are uncomfortable with.You should also be sure that the home you purchase comes up to the building codes in your state. Modular homes New England has to offer are supposed to always come up to code, but it is important that you take the time to ask questions and check for yourself. Often you will find that some of these companies build their homes above the codes of the state, so you can be comfortable about safety in your new home.If you are interested in purchasing one of the modular homes New England has to offer, then be sure that your new home comes with a good warranty. No matter how wonderful the house may be, there are sure to be problems that may crop up, so a warranty will keep you protected. You will be able to enjoy your new modular home for a great price, also being sure that whatever may happen, you are covered by a great warranty.