NoneFirst of all if you are purchasing a modular home, you can of course decide to pay for it in full. While this is not an option for many people, it is an option that will actually save money in the long run. It will save you the cost of interest, but most people cannot afford to pay for their home up front. If you cannot pay up front for the modular homes NC offers, do not worry. There are plenty of other options available as well.Another option you may have for financing the modular homes NC has to offer is company financing. Often the manufacturers actually have financing programs that you can check into. Often these programs require credit that is very good, so be aware of that if you should decide to go for one of these plans.The most common way to finance a modular home is through the bank. You can actually get the same 30-year mortgages that regular site built homes qualify for if you want. Since modular homes are basically qualified as site built homes, you will be able to get the same financing options that are available to anyone buying or building a regular home. This will help to make modular homes NC offers easier to finance and purchase. No matter what financing options you decide on you will be able to know that you got a wonderful deal and your new modular home will be worth every penny you paid.