NoneBy the year 2005 the cost of modular homes Minnesota dealerships offered were about 35 percent less than the cost of a traditional house in the same area.  This is an average price savings of about $87,500 for a modest $250,000 Minnesota home.  The dramatic differences in prices between modular homes and traditional homes are due to the controlled environment that modular homes are built in.  Modular homes are built in factories so workers don’t have to worry about weather delays.  Also modular manufacturers are able to buy building components in bulk which saves them a lot.  They also don’t have to hire sub-contractors so their labor costs are constant.  Finally modular homes can be produced faster which saves on labor and holding costs.  As you can see, the amount of money that you can save by buying a manufactured home really makes it an attractive option to consider.  However, many people still have misconceptions about the quality of a manufactured home.The quality of modular homes Minnesota dealerships carry has improved dramatically since the mid 1970s.  This is when the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development stepped in to revise the building standards for modular homes.  Many of the shortcomings of the traditional mobile home were corrected, and the building standards for contemporary modular homes were improved dramatically.  Some of the issues that HUD addressed included steel chassis under the wooden floor joists, as well as safety features like fire alarms.  The quality seen in modular homes Minnesota dealerships carried were improved again in 2000 when the revised version of the NFPA 501 report was produced.  This report presented 150 changes to the building standards used for manufactured or modular homes.  These changes again increased safety features, and they required the manufacturer to meet transportation building standards as well as structural building standards.Modular homes Minnesota dealerships carry are structurally sound, as well as priced well below traditional housing costs.  Unfortunately, these things still don’t seem to convince some people that the modular home is a viable real estate investment.  In the past mobile homes haven’t appreciated in value like other real estate investments, however, recent market studies have shown that high quality modular homes that have been set up on a permanent foundation will retain their value, and they will even appreciate in value in step with other real estate properties.