NoneModular homes manufacturers have a large selection of different models and floor plans for you to choose from.  Choose from a ranch, two story, cape cod, or may other styles of homes.  In addition, the manufacturer will have a wide array of floor plans that you can look over in order to make a final decision on the home layout of your choosing.  These floor plans will show you the location of different rooms within the homes, how the bathrooms and kitchen are laid out, and the square footage of each room.  This allows you to make a decision on which model of manufactured home you would prefer.  Modular homes manufacturers build their homes out of a factory, so everything is within a climate and weather controlled environment.  A reputable manufacturer should allow you to take a tour of the factory to get a good idea of just how their homes are built.  Do some shopping around and you should be able to find a quality manufacturer to build your brand new modular home.