NoneModular homes are built in an indoor construction site and the parts are then transported to a “shellâ€ which is located at the site of the house. The sections of the home are not on the site until they are finished, and this method of building avoids many of the problems which are faced in the traditional building process. First of all, if all of the sections are built indoors, adverse weather does not interrupt the process. Bad weather is the main reason why most building projects face some delay, and these inconveniences cost time and money. In addition, excessive rain, snow or heat can damage the wood, especially if it has not been treated before it is put into the structure. These delays can be frustrating, and no one really knows when they can happen. There is snow and ice in the winter, the heat and adverse weather conditions in the summertime. Inclement weather can be a huge impediment to the building process and extreme cold and heat are avoided when building modular homes in Maine. Theft is also a major problem which interferes with traditional building, and since sections on a frame cannot be locked, theft is a very common problem. All of the sections of modular homes Maine are kept under lock and key at the construction site, and no one is allowed in by themselves except for staff members. With traditional, on-site building, there is also a great deal of money lost when builders have to use local materials which may be quite expensive. With modular homes in Maine, builders use the materials they are accustomed to use for building, and they are not hit with highly-priced local goods. The convenience of building modular homes Maine gains the builders a lot of time, and they are able to build multiple homes in a short amount of time. This brings down the cost of modular homes in Maine, and the savings is passed onto the customer. But lest the customer thinks this smacks of “mass productionâ€ many modular homes in Maine have custom touches, like hand-laid tiles and specially designed cabinets. If you buy modular homes in Maine, it is simple to find the best value for money in your new house.