NoneThere are numerous reasons to buy from a modular home Indiana dealer. For starters, most modular constructions are much cheaper than site built homes. If looking for a quality home, but not willing to overpay for your home, a modular home is the way to go. Even though these homes are less expensive than site built homes, the quality is the same. In fact, it is required that all modular homes meet local and state building codes and standards. Thus, you receive a quality constructed home for a fraction of the costs. Because modular homes Indiana are built inside a warehouse, you avoid delayed construction times, or a pre-soaked house. Site built homes are exposes to various elements such as rain, snow, animal droppings, and other outdoor elements. Furthermore, lazy construction workers have a habit of disposing trash and other items inside the foundation or walls of the home. With a modular home, you avoid this hassle. Within the warehouse, your home is built in an assembly line style. Construction occurs in different phases. On average, it takes about one to two weeks to complete each modular section. Larger modular homes may require an additional week. Nonetheless, this is much quicker than site built homes. The quick turnaround time for a modular home in Indiana is the main reason why so many homebuyers choose these types of homes. Building a site built home may take up to six months. You must wait on individual contractors to finish their assignment before , construction. Inadequate financing may also delay construction. With modular homes Indiana, builders and mortgage lenders offer one finance package for the entire project. Most buyers are pre-approved before construction begins. This way, the builder knows how much they can spend on materials, and do so without going over budget. Because of the different home styles offered by modular homes Indiana dealers, finding your perfect home is effortless. Do you want a rancher, or a two-story home? Choose from vinyl siding or brick? The best part about a new construction modular home is being able to customize the interior or exterior. This way, you can buy a home that meets all your personal preferences. Lastly, the resale value on a modular home is just like a site built home. Older mobile homes did not gain equity. On the other hand, a modern modular or manufactured home will appreciate.